Episode 400

9/16/2023 – Mike’s Dream Porta Potty – Episode 0400

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Show Introduction

Welcome to the iRacers Lounge 400th episode! On the show today, we’ll review the final eNascar Coke Series Race before the final championship race, and see who will be in the final 4. We’ll check out iRacing with a projector and ask if iRacing needs more Legacy Nascar options.

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Petty’s Pontiac

Petty’s Garage posted that you can finally drive his official 87 Pontiac that was scanned for iRacing


MSG CEO Resigns

More turmiol with Motorsports Gaming this past week as their CEO Dmitry Kozko resigns


Season 4 Patches and Hotfixes



Indy Holding Tight

Despite all of the bad news from Motorsports Gaming, accordimg to an article from Racer,con, Indycar is staying patient with MSG



Mazdas on the Ovals

The Mazda cars runnin on ovals in Season 4 has been a big hit, and a lot of fun for iRacers


Phoenix Coke Series Race


Season 3  Recaps

Talon Smith touts his impressive numbers in a post by iRacing showing off the iRacing App’s new features


WoO Late Models


Close All, Please!

Brett McBurnie posted in the forums that there used to be an option to close all tabs that was removed for the banners in the UI making the experience a little less U Friemdly 


Legacy Next

With the success of the Legacy Nascar and Gen 4 cars, Jason Patterson asked in the forums if iRacing should introduce new legacy eras in iRacing


When Ya Gotta Go…

iRacing posted a video of a track worker seeming to be waiting his turn to the port-a-poty while carnage happens all around him


Open Draft Master

Justin Egan opsted in the forums that he was dissapointed that the Draft Master Series was open setups.  Greg West Chimed in that there were technical difficulties for that decision, and they are lookng into fixing this in the future


Jet Car Grand Prix

On Thursday, 26 sim racers hopped behind the virtual wheel of their iR-01 and begin the battle for $25,000 in prizes!


FIA F4 Series

The FIA F4 Esports Regional Tour kicked off last Wednesday and Thursday night at 7, 9, and 11pm (ish) in your region



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Trading Paints Fix

Trading Paints posted a way to fix certain problems using the “Video Mem swap hight-res cars” option


iRacing Projection

BAsment Formula posted a video asking if using a BENQ projector works with well enough in  iRacing


Hue Upgrade

Alex Kay shows how the Philips Hug Lighting was one of his nest sim racing upgrades, complete with tutotial


Gomez Hyper P1 Review

Devinder Singh reviews on his Youtube Channel the Gomez Industries Hyper P1 wheel


CXC Simulations

CXC Simulations says thier off road truck simulator has been a big hit 


Sim Lab XP1 

Dave Cam reviews the new Sim Lab XP1 Load Cell Pedals



Lawrence Dusoswa reviews the Buttkicker Gamer Plus and its value  compared to other haptic systems

Next Level Racing F-GT Elite

Will Ford at Boosted Media reviews the convertable Nevt Level Racing F-GT Elite sim rig



NASCAR iRacing Series

Thursday Fixed

  • Justin – P17 
  • Tony – Pwrecked couldn’t avoid a spinning car

Friday Open -Bristol 

  • Mike -.  P right before halfway 16 incident and six minutes optional damage. Finally on lap for 58. I get dq out completely too many incidents.  
  • Tom-p dq out
  • Rochette P4 avoided stuff stayed clean lap cars blocked me from racing against 2nd and 3rd with 10 to go 
  • Tony – P 22, Started P24 really ran a clean and uneventful race, got to 40 to go and some guy fenced a guy then came down across my nose and the car was dead. Guy apologized. I would be lying if i said i hadn’t done something dumb on here

Sunday Fixed- Kansas

  • Justin – P LAST! I ran a half lap and a guy spun in front of me. I chose the wrong lane. Little damage. Next restart guy spun directly in front of me wouldn’t miss it. Never made it one full lap. Probably the shortest NIS race i have ever had.

Wednesday Open: bristol

  • Mike- P dnf. Lab 150 a huge pileup for five cars were up against the wall. I came around the corner on the high end at full speed didn’t see them at all and plowed right in 50 seconds. Optional in over 10 minutes required I couldn’t even drive it back to the pit.
  • David – P 6.  Even doing my best to stay out of trouble was at 16x on the caution with 20 to go.  There was an even later caution that I barely missed.  But on GWC i wouldn’t have lost positions to lappers at that point as not pitting would be less laps than pitting, so felt safe.  But survived by trying to not over race the car.  Race had cautions but wasn’t horrific like a Martinsville usually is.  Gained a point of safety rating with the 16x
  • Justin – P27, had a fast car just over drove it. Spun out. It  was on me.
  • Chris – p 19. I should have drove around for first 400 laps. Was P8 and got wrecked on lap 150. After 15 min of repairs I finished p19 80 laps down. Passed 11 cars while racing wrecked. 

GregPKilled it

Official Series


  • Hosted Chris maguire Supercars at Michigan. We have the pit for fuel when we did nobody could get fuel. Everyone was stuck in the pitch and the pit crews would not feel the car.  
  • Draft Meister trucks at Daytona. Backed out and chickened out when I found out it was open set. 
  • FIAF4  racing regionally at lime rock Park- wrecked out twice in a row. The second race I did the fast repair after towing and drove from 23rd back up to 13.
  • Next race got up to around ninth before I wrecked out on lot 14 on my own had to tow.

Final Thoughts

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  1. Mike’s Dream Porta Potty


Welcome to the iRacers Lounge 400th episode! On the show today, we’ll review the final eNascar Coke Series Race before the final championship race, and see who will be in the final 4. We’ll check out iRacing with a projector and ask if iRacing needs more Legacy Nascar options. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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