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11/11/2021 – Polite Canadian – Episode 0305

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Show Introduction

On today’s show we will welcome back returning guest and League Administrator of the Old Bastard Racing League, Steve Thomson. We’ll also recap all of the highlights and lowlights as we review the end of the NIS racing season for team Tifosi. That, and lots of hardware reviews you won’t want to miss.

And remember you can follow along with us on your PC or mobile device in real time as you listen to the show and see for yourself all of the great topics and products we’ll discuss by visiting iracerslounge.com and selecting show notes. Hope to see you there..


Special Guest

Stephen Thompson

General Questions:

  1. What brought you to iRacing and how did you hear about it?
  2. Which series do you normally run?                
  3. What type of hardware do you use? (Wheels, Pedals, ect.)
  4. Software
    1. What gear did you use when you first started iRacing?
  5. Do you run Monitors or VR? 
    1. How many monitors?
    2. What VR headset are you running?
  6. Are you part of a team?  
  7. Do you participate in any leagues or is it just official racing? 
  8. What is your most memorable iRacing moment? 

Guest Specific Questions:



NOT Top 10 Highlights October 2021

iRacing dropped their Not Top 10 Highlights for the month of October 2021


Black Friday Sale!

It’s that time of year for iRacing membership discounts!

Save 25% When You Renew Your iRacing Membership Now Through December 4th!
This Black Friday is the best time to renew your iRacing membership! Save 25% off your renewal of 12 or 24 months now through December 4th!


Sprint Car World Championship returns

The iRacing Nos Energy Drink World of Outlaws returns this Monday with driver Alex Bergeron defending his crown.


Coke Drivers at Phoenix

The iRacing Coke series drivers were at Phoenix last weekend including Champion Keegan Leahey who picked up his trophy and oversized check.





Tuesday wake up call

iRacing posted on their Twitter account a “Tuesday Wake Up Call” video of a super high speed near miss at the iRacing Superspeedway


Monday Night Racing Announcers

Monday Night Racing announced that Hall of Fame Nascar Driver Darrell Waltrip and former Cup Series Crew Chief of the Year Gil Martin will be in the broadcast booth for Monday nights race.


What do NASCAR Drivers Do In Off Season?

Now that the 2021 race season is now officially over, Nascar drivers are being spotted in the sim.



Pro Series Homestead

Kollin Keister takes the checkered flag in iRacing Pro Series Contender Series race 2 at Homestead.


Another Driver Steps Down

Brian Schoenburg sent out a tweet announcing that he’s stepping away from professional sim racing.


Force Dynamics Dallara iRacing Grand Prix Championship

Martin van Loozenoord took his 4th straight win at round 7 Road America. Peter Berryman reclaimed the series lead with a win in round 8 at the new Red Bull Ring

iRacing Presents the 2021 Winter Derby

iRacing Presents the 2021 Winter Derby

The Winter Derby is a 300 lap race held at the renown Five Flags Speedway in Pensacola, Florida featuring the Super Late Model stock car. 

In an effort to increase participation, we have adjusted the time slots to those of the NiS Open series now that that series has been completed. 

Date: November 17-21

Timeslot #1 – Thursday 02:00 GMT (Wednesday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #2 – Thursday 19:00 GMT  (Thursday 2 pm eastern)

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 2:00 GMT (Friday 9 pm eastern)

Timeslot #4 – Sunday 15:00 GMT (Sunday 10 am eastern)



event is for family members of iRacing account holders who are 15y/o and under

Registration is now open for this 1 time only iRacing Pre-approved live broadcasted event November 24th race starting at 7:30 pm eastern in the free Global MX-5 cars at free Legacy Michigan track. There will be no cost for this event.Please register ASAP because spots will be limited. This event is for family members of iRacing account holders who are 15y/o and under.***To register send a league application to 3f Media league # 7677 and include your family members name and age in the comments of the league request.*** If you have any questions regarding this please direct them to me 3F Media and I will be more than happy to answer them. Have a blessed day and remember “In a world where you can be anything, be kind.”



Git’r Done Racing

Git’r Done Racing is a new iRacing League started by Pete (KokoPuffs) Kopko that is recruiting clean, respectful racers looking for good comradery and great racing. They are running races in the Gen 6 Cup Cars on Sunday nights at 9PM est. Drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old and have an iRating of under 3500.

Logitech G eSports

This is the last month that you can qualify for the Logitech McLaren G Challenge at Daytona

Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge

eRacr.gg will be hosting the Landon Cassill Qualifying Challenge presented by BlueEmu

Podcast Housekeeping

Aftermath Podcast – Get it! – New Discord!

Looking for a title sponsor!

New Website – Leave Comments https://www.iracerslounge.com/

We are in the regular rotation… (Mike)



Just out of curiosity, how come you don’t go by the playoff points for fantasy instead of the overall? Most guys have a few weeks over the course of the season where they forget to set lineups or whatever. Not a big deal was just wondering.




The Trak Racer TR8 PRO has set a new benchmark

The Trak Racer TR8 PRO has set a new benchmark for sim rigs and inspired by the upcoming Alpine Racing TRX Formula/GT Hybrid racing simulator 


Alpha Wind Simulator

Take your sim racing experience to another level with the Alpha Wind Simulator. It comes with all parts and cables and is Plug-and-Play.


REVIEW – Another Way Prime Sim Racing Pedals

Will Ford at Boosted Media reviews the Prime Sim Racing Pedals from Another Way



Do You Need a Gaming Monitor For Sim Racing

OC Racing has a YouTube video asking if you need a gaming monitor for sim racing.https://www.youtube.com/embed/CqPEjc80jdo?feature=oembed

Damn, Intel!

It runs super hot – you will top of the line cooler and it will run hot –

DDR 5 wont be cheap and same is true of the new motherboard. It does have PCI Express Gen 5 – this will unlock full capabilities of future graphic cards….

And new DMI 4.0 link between cpu and chip set means more and better.

i9 12900k at 650 gets the nod if your a gamer.

i5 12600k is a good value at 320$. Still a generational leap over the comparably priced ryzel 5 5600xhttps://www.youtube.com/embed/-EogHCFd7w0?feature=oembed



For a limited time, you will receive 10% off everything that is listed in our shop.


EPOS – H6PRO Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset

The EPOS – H6PRO Wired Open Acoustic Gaming Headset is available in Racing Green and sells for $180


AMD Launches New GPU

AMD Launches New GPU And EPYC CPU Right Across NVIDIA’s Bow

MilanX has three times the cache of the original 64-core x86 CPU.


MOZA Sim Racing R16 Review

Will Ford and Boosted Media reviewed the new Moza R16 Direct Drive Wheel Base



Overpower OP Lite Review

The Sim Pit did a video review of the Overpower OP Lite sim cockpit.



The Best Sim Racing Cockpit I’ve Ever Used

Overtake_gg does a Youtube video review of the Next Level Racing F-GT Elite calling it, “The best sim racing cockpit I’ve ever used.”




NASCAR iRacing Series

Fri open: Phoenix

  • Ellis –   p10- bad q as usual but worked my way up to top 5 – ran 5th to 2nd for most – made some bad tire decisions near the end and got wrecked a couple of time and put to the back near the end – i will take the top ten and first finish in 3 weeks. 35th in points div 2…
  • Rochette P8 think this is the 1st Phoenix race ive completed in a couple of years,got caught in a wreck put me down a couple of laps got em back. Got doored by a asshat on a restart that wanted to go down to the wall and i wasnt moving so he wrecked himself, than got caught in a wreck on white flag but puttered to the finish. Been a good year for me in Div 3 as i’l finish 8th and 21 top 5’s which lands me 4th in overall nis. But no wins wtf
  • Greg – pWrecked out

Kyle – P-Blinked out then wrecked out

  • Sunday Open
    • Hall – p.7  Survived, ran 7th to 10th all day.
  • Sunday fixed 
    • Mike -p wrecked out – 2nd gwc got ran over from behind and shot to the moon
    • Kyle – P P-3 I redeemed myself from the bad luck lately and got a Humbling P-3 in the farewell goodbye to the Gen 6 NIS cup car races. It was bittersweet as i fought hard and ran a solid top 100 all race long with a few bit of trouble. But To start 11th and finish 3rd. I’ll take that all day long.

Tom – pwrecked out

Official Series

  • Mazda cup – oran park -Ellis – qp3, finish p2 – guy on pit rd left before field
    • Qp4 finish p2
    • Q p7 finish p3
    • Qp20 -p9 out of 33

360 dirt at bristol -qp5 – p4 –

League / Hosted Races

  • FastTrack Sim Racing League – 
  1.  David – p3
  1. Greg p2May be an image of car and text
  2. Mike – p11 – did a two stop tire strategy, didnt pay off…

Joe -p16

  • Winter League

Ellis – p21

  1. Hall – p30
  2. Greg – p23
  • OBRL ARCA Series 
    1. Scales –
    2. Groves-
    3. Brian Charlotte Oval P9 screwed up qualifying and never really recovered.
  • OBRL Aftermath Truck Series
  • ???? ????Bruce Pearson #22  Wins The iRacers Lounge The Aftermath Podcast Nascar Truck Series  at Daytona 
  • Ralph VanderVorste #12  Finished 2nd 
  • Mike Watts #199  Finished 3rd 

Final Thoughts

Words Spoken in Closing Audio Clip -“”Thank you for listening to the iRacers Lounge podcast make sure to go subscribe to us on iTunes, SoundCloud, or Google Play, Facebook & Twitter, See You On The Track .” 


  1. Polite Canadian


On today’s show we will welcome back returning guest and League Administrator of the Old Bastard Racing League, Steve Thomson. We’ll also recap all of the highlights and lowlights as we review the end of the NIS racing season for team Tifosi. That, and lots of hardware reviews you won’t want to miss. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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