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9/22/2022 – Cards and Chips – Episode 0349

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Show Introduction

On the show this week, we have verification that iRacing has been visiting Dale Jr’s garage, a sim racing movie makes it’s theatrical premier, what iRacing star tops 10,000 in iRating. and in hardware we discuss the formal release of the new Nvidia GPU’s

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Ty Majeski Wins Nascar Truck Race

Long time iRacing Oval King, Ty Majeski wins his first Nascar National Series race, a truck series race at Bristol.



Scan Update from Last Week

A tweet from @pettysgarage reveals an 87′ #43 STP Pontiac getting worked on by a couple iRacing staffers.


Tyler Hudson Wins Again!

iRacing staffer, Tyler Hudson picks up his 3rd Win in a Dirt Late Model series. iRacing was on board once again in support of Tyler.


Mercedes F1 Car at Crandon

@BeauAlber06 tweeted a video of an Mercedes F1 Car completing a lap at Crandon in 56.6 seconds. Damaged had to be turned off due to the Car’s front wing being “Yeeted” on half the jumps.


Take A Walk Around Your Favorite Track

Through iRTrackWalk.com, you can take a stroll through your favorite track, on iRacing.


BL’s Offline Real World Replica Rosters

2022 NASCAR Cup Series – Next Gen

For the 2022 season I decided to first create a full season roster that can be used for championships, and am now working on some race specific rosters which I will continue to add as I complete them.

Again spent some time adding driver names to the window banners of every single car in the correct font and as close to correct sizing and placement as I could to add to the immersion.

Made sure all cars have correct pit box colors and no blank pit boards.

Untitled Image


Season 4 2022 MOZA F3 Contest

We’re very excited to announce MOZA RACING is now the official sponsor of the MOZA RACING F3 Championship -Fixed!!! Now you can enter to win a MOZA RACING R5 bundle, and all you have to do is race!


Just place the MOZA RACING logo (found in the iRacing Paint Shop) on the Dallara F3 car in the primary location. Race in at least 10 official races in Season 4 and you’re automatically entered to win a MOZA RACING R5 bundle. The more you race, the greater your chance to win.

After the first 10 races are completed it will amount to one entry to win the grand prize. Every official race thereafter will be considered an extra draw. The more you race the better the chance of winning. The more you race, the larger your chance to win.


Sim Racing Tips in Under 5 Minutes!

Streaming extraordinaire Dave Cam gives some quick, but practical tips for sim racing


Dylan Duval at SHR

Coke Series SRH eSporst driver Dylan Duval was give the red carpet treatment at Stewart Haas Racing over the weekend and Tweeted about his experience.


World of Outlaws Late Models Round 8

Evan Seay continued his a mazing season with a convincing win at Weedsport Speedway, further extending his championship lead.  With 2 races to go, Seay is comfortably in the driver seat to take home the title.

Race results for Weedsport Speedway

See Qualifying Results →

1533Evan Seay500.0003815.03477
2225Zack McSwain50-4.760015.15975
3141Logan Rumsey250-5.3281215.08472


1 Evan Seay 610
2 Blake Matjoulis 536
3 Kendal Tucker 488
4 Logan Rumsey2 455
5 Dylan Wilson 450


Not Top 10

iRacing posted the Not Top 10 video on their Youtube channel


DeJong tops the 10K Mark

Mitchel DeJong posted on Twitter that he has finally cracked the 10K iRating mark in Road


The Sim Racer Premier

The Sim Racer film premiered on Sept 18th at The Plaza Theatre in Midtown Atlanta and will be announced for viewing by streaming network soon


Le Petit Le Mans


iRacing Presents Petit Le Mans powered by VCO

Petit Le Mans is a 10 hour endurance race held annually at Road Atlanta in Braselton, Georgia. It is a marquee event in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.


Date: October 7-9th

Timeslot #1 – Friday 22:00 GMT

Timeslot #2 – Saturday 07:00 GMT

Timeslot #3 – Saturday 12:00 GMT

Timeslot #4 – Saturday 16:00 GMT


Track: Road Atlanta

License – D 4.0 Road

Sim Date (Time of Day Setting): October 1, 2022

Sim Start Time (Time of Day Setting): 11:20 AM

Session Details:

Warmup: 30 Minutes

Qualifying: 8 min/ 2 laps

Race: 10 Hours

Weather: Dynamic

Sky: Dynamic

Qualifying: Attached

Splits By: iRating

Team Event: Yes (minimum 2 drivers and maximum 16)

Stop and Go Limit: 50 incs and every 20 after

DQ Limit: None

Field Size : 45

Cars & Class (BOP will be announced the week prior to the event)


Dallara P217


Audi R8 LMS GT3


Ferrari 488 GT3 Evo 2020

Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO

McLaren MP4-12C GT3

Mercedes-AMG GT3 2020

Porsche 911 GT3 R


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Advanced Sim Racing Pro Edition

Advanced Sim Racing is announces the price to their ASR Pro Sim Chassis. With a flat face aluminum extrusion, ASR promises that this Chassis will be the strongest 80/20 rig on the market.


Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally First Look

The Fanatec Podium Button Module Rally is the latest real world crossover wheel from the Bavarian sim manufacturer. It is essentially the real wheel from the Ford Puma Rally 1, with the Podum Hub attached to the back. Fanatec were kind enough to lend me a pre-production prototype of the button module and wheel for my recent project with Team Fordzilla, reporting from the WRC.


A Look Back at Last Week’s Wooden Steering Wheel

Last week we discussed a custom wooden steering wheel by a fellow iRacer. After the episode aired, we received a message from Cam Porter, “It’s nice that you guys liked my steering wheel. Thanks, but you didn’t even mention my name or the name of my YT channel. :(”

The steering wheel, along with other great wood working projects can be found on his Youtube channel, Cammie’s Garage.


Ethereum Mining a thing of the past — GPU prices to drop?

With the demise of Ethereum Mining, does this mean we may soon be seeing the market flooded with GPUs that were previously used for mining?


SIM JACK Mini Pedals

Sim Racing Corner reviews the Sim Jack Mini Pedals



Sim Racing Apps

Sim Racing Apps is a 100% free to use Web Server used to host browser based Apps that are accessible using any device with a modern HTML5 browser. It comes with over 50 Apps and Widgets, free, out of the box..



Fanatec CSL Elite Pedals V2

Fanatec announced the release of their new CSL Elite pedals V2 with a YouTube video release



AMD’s New Ryzen Chip

Prices and availability are starting to be seen for the new AMD Ryzen chip and Will Sutton asked in the forums who will be the first the get the new chip for their computer


Thrustmaster DD Teaser

Thrustmaster announced on Twitter a full reveal of their PC Direct Drive base Nov 17th at 4:00pm CET on their Twitch Channel


4K Series is Official

Tuesday marked the official Nvidia Announcement of their new line of RTX 4090 and 4080 series desktop GPU’s on October 12th. JayzTwoCents reviews all of the details on his YouTube Channel




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NASCAR iRacing Series

Friday Open: Bristol

    • Ellis –   p9 – Got caught up in a few different incidents had 4 minutes damage  – at one point was doing repairs the car turned off and would not turn back on – had to get out of car and back in, then didnt beat pace car off and had a penalty to pit under green 20 second hold – now 3 laps down just soldiered on, eventually with attrition got to 9th…
  • Rochette- PWrecked Out got a little greedy and doored and walled myself while trying to take a lead. Just parked it with 15 minutes required
  •  Groves –
  • Stephen- Wrecked Out
  • Hall – p21, wrecked out on purpose by a lap car, just because i and another were fighting for lucky dog.  Also suspect the 50 seconds of optional i got avoid an early wreck hurt the long run.  I blew out a tire, and that doesn’t usually happen.
  • Rochette -P4 man had another rocket ship on long runs. Did a green flag stop with 60 to go in 3rd and ended up getting screwed once again as caution came out while i was still 3 laps down. Did end up finishing a lap down 

Hall – wrecked,   net code

  • Sunday fixed 
  • Mike -pdnf got involved in the second caution on lab 13 plowed into some guys that were running along the wall. Stop God jostled around pretty good decided not even pit to look for damage and keep the track position p14th.  63. I finally did for tires. Only 14 seconds damage restarting p15. 22 lap run to the next caution got up to P7. Write about a 100 laps down I have fresh tires they don’t started coming up through there and net coded the guy on the outside.  We were about a foot apart. I showed the video to the team and Greg said.@Mike Ellis you drifted up enough for net code to happen

Wednesday Open:  Texas

  • Hall – p wrecked on my own.  Had decent mid pack speed but, Bad adjustment made car to loose to manage.
  • Ellis – P 16- pretty much ran P 22 the whole race there were no cautions on the second green flag stop immediately after I finish taking tires. The yellow flag came out I was running 17th at the time that put me back to 25th movie going to the end of the race I’m up to 17th and we get a late caution with a green white checker I restart 16th and end up 16th. 
  • Kyle P – wrecked
  • Tom D – wrecked oStephen – wrecked out
  • Thurs Open  

Ellis – p-19. Ran around 10th for the good part of the race at the beginning but then got door and buy some lab cars mixing it up with the leaders and got spun down in the pit Road so I had an extra penalty was two laps down  eventually got a wave around, but just brought it home after that.

Official Series

  • Ellis – F 2000 at Outland park. Card number 11 out of 11, top split. Q p3. Was running P5 after the start about lap 5 and P4 went off the grass. I went to go around in the next corner. I was just a hair slow and he ran over the back of me, dumping me into the inside wall taking off the whole front clip.  
  • A Open

Spiker – P6, Q7 – Great long run speed.  70 Lap Average was 3rd best.

SPIKER – Super Late’s (South Boston) P6, Q8 – 1st ever Super Late race.

League / Hosted Races

Final Thoughts

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  1. Cards and Chips


On the show this week, we have verification that iRacing has been visiting Dale Jr’s garage, a sim racing movie makes it’s theatrical premier, what iRacing star tops 10,000 in iRating. and in hardware we discuss the formal release of the new Nvidia GPU’s. So sit back, relax and join us on the iRacers Lounge Podcast. 

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